For this blog post, I took a visit to the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. What an exquisite place! I felt like I had been transported into an alternate reality where nature was the driving force of life (the irony is not lost on me). I wanted to dedicate this blog to the explanation of why a place such as this should be more regularly visited, and why they are in, turn so important.


The first commendment I would like to make is to the staff and gardeners at the park — what an outstanding job in maintaining such an incredible landmark. I don’t know if it was blind luck that I visited when I did — perhaps the park hadn’t had any school visits or lonesome litters in a while — but there was absolutely no litter and no rubbish to be found anywhere on the grounds. Just the immaculate landscape that made my inner flower-child come to life.

After a hike up the pristinely decorated mountain, I sat and admired the landscape before me for over an hour. A process that not only left me feeling as relaxed as ever, but a process that made me realise just how exquisite the world we live in is.


Another wonderful characteristic I was delighted to see was the inclusion of indigenous huts that explain the many diverse cultures inhabiting the history of our lands. I am a true lover in Ndebele patterns and culture, so it was a real treat to be a part of.


I was even delighted to see that the gardens have an amphitheatre, which after a long chat with one on the groundsman, turns out to be the stage for many music acts and concerts. I loved the idea of incorporating music festivals with the beauty of the natural world. I also thought it was very clever  way to encourage many varieties of people to come to the beautiful landmark.


The only true issue I had with the establishment was that this visit was my first time there. Why hadn’t I been made aware of such an exquisite place? I feel that the park needs to make itself more aware in the city areas. I would have loved to know that such a place was so close to where I stayed! So my only qualm is that the gardens must make better use of advertising and marketing to really inform people of it’s existence and in turn, teach everyone in the community about the beautiful nature we are surrounded by.


After an amazing day where I personally felt re-connected to the world I live in, I came to the conclusion that in the hustle-and bustle of our modern lives, it is mandatory as a living organism to reconnect with your roots. Be it a slow stroll in the park or a full day visit to the botanical gardens, humans need to be connected to mother nature in order to really thrive in this world. I feel much lighter after my breath of fresh air, and I encourage absolutely everyone to do themselves the same kindness.




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